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  • Wood Repair Services

    Specializing in Wood Repair for Homes and Businesses

    Your CertaPro Painters of Huntington Beach, CA offers many different services - not just painting. One of the many services we offer is exterior wood repair. Our crews are highly trained professionals who know how to get the job done right. When we take care of exterior wood repair, we include the following processes:

    • Replacement of rotting wood siding and trim
    • Priming (all six sides) and painting of replaced lumber to match color specifications

    Before we start any wood repair job, we'll examine all aspects of the project so that we can provide a complete and accurate pricing quote. During the process, our crews take the time to communicate any issues and keep you informed on the progress. Each day, we'll clean up after ourselves so there is minimal disruption to your home life. We're also more than happy to answer any questions that arise as we go.

    Wood Repair before and after photos
    Wood Repair before and after photos
    As part of fixing up their house this customer needed to have some rotten wood replaced.  CertaPro was able to replace the batten board siding with new siding and trim. Before installing the new siding, it was back primed (primed on all 6 sides) to help protect the wood from the elements.  Once installed it was painted to make the house look brand new again!
    The final results speak for themselves. We always use the best quality painting products and strive for the highest standards in work performance and safety. Your satisfaction is our primary goal and we will work with you to make sure we hit the target.

    Let's get started making your vision

    a reality!

    Call us to set up your estiamte and color consultation appointment!Set my appointment onlineEmail us to set up your estimate for your wood repair project!


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